Microsoft Azure Mock Test Question and Answers

Question 1 : Identify Microsoft’s cross-platform command-line experience for managing Azure resources.

Options : 

a. Azure PowerShell

b. Azure Portal

c. Azure CLI

Answers : c. Azure CLI


Question 2 : To Complete the Sentence, Select the appropriate option in the answers area.

An organization that hosts its infrastructure. ____________ no longer requires a data center

Options : 

a. On a Hyper-v host

b. In a Private Cloud

c. In the public Cloud

d. In a Hybrid Cloud

Answers : b. In a Private Cloud

Question 3 : You want to deploy an application in a container, and may need to run it at scale on some occasions. You want to deploy the containers directly to Azure without having to first deploy virtual machines. Which services are available for you to use to deploy containers directly to Azure? (choose two)

Options : 

a. Azure Kubernetes Services(AKS)

b. Azure Functions

c. Azure Container Instances

d. VMs

Answers : a. Azure Kubernetes Services(AKS) and c. Azure Container Instances

Question 4 : You need to deploy several web servers  and several database servers to azure with limited types of connections from the web servers to the database servers, which azure solution is suitable for the above scenario?

Options : 

a. A local network gateway

b. Network security group(NSGs)

c. A route filter

d. Azure Service Bus

Answers : b. Network Security groups(NSGs)


Question 5 : Which Hadoop service hosted in Azure allows you to create clusters of managed Hadoop Instances?

Options : 

a. CosmosDB

b. Data Lake Analytics

c. Azure HD Insight

Answers : c. Azure HD Insight


Question 6 :  For the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.

“All data that is copied to an Azure Storage account is backed up automatically to another Azure data center. “

Options : 

a. No

b. Yes

Answers : b. Yes


Question 7 : In an Azure Virtual network, which Azure services can a user make use of, to inbound and outbound network traffic to and from Azure Services.

Options : 

a. Azure AD

b. Azure Firewall

c. Network Security group

d. VPN Gateway


Answers : c. Network Security group


Question 8 : Which Azure service enables user to configure fine-grained access control for Azure resources, allowing you to grant only the permissions they need to complete their task?

Options : 

a. Role-Base Access Control

b. Policy

c. Locks

d. Initiatives

Answers : a. Role-Base Access Control


Question 10 : What kind of solution involves the highest technical responsibility?

Options : 

a. Iaas

b. Saas

c. Paas

d. Daas(Database as aServices)

Answers : b. Saas


Question 11 : For the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.

“Azure Monitor can monitor the performance of on-premises computers.”

Options : 

a. Yes

b. No

Answers : a. Yes 


Question 12 : Which Computing Technology is used to describe services and applications that operates on distributed network using virtualized resources? 

Options : 

a. Cloud Computing

b. Parallel Computing

c. Distributed Computing

d. Soft Computing

Answers : a. Cloud Computing


Question 13 : which of the following has multiple characteristics of what is now be represented cloud computing. 

Options : 

a. Internet 

b. Software

c. Web Services

d. All of the mentioned

Answers : a. Internet 


Question 14 : A user needs to mange the settings of the Azure web app from an iPhone. What are two Azure management tools that you can use? Each correct answer presents a complete solutions.

Options : 

a. Azure CLI

b. Azure Cloud Shell

c. The Azure portal

d. Azure Storage Explorer

e. Windows PowerShell

Answers : b. Azure Cloud Shell and c. The Azure portal

Question 15 : For the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.

“Azure Monitor can trigger alerts based on data in an Azure log Analytics workspace.”

Options : 

a. Yes

b. No


Answers : a. Yes


Question 16 : Identify what is required to use Azure Cost Management?

Options : 

a. An  Enterprise Agreement(EA)

b. A pay-as-you-go subscription

c. A Dev/Test subscription

d. Software Assurance

Answers : b. A pay-as-you-go subscription


Question 17 : What sholud you use to evaluate whether your company’s Azure environment meets regulatory requirements?

Options : 

a. Azure Security Center

b. Azure Knowledge Center

c. Azure Service Health

d. Azure Advisor

Answers : a. Azure Security Center


Question 18 : Identify the cloud concept related to pooling and sharing of resources.

Options : 

a. Abstraction

b. Virtualization

c. None of the mentioned

d. Polymorphism

Answers : b. Virtualization


Question 19 : Identify the correct azure policy from the list to automatically add a sensitivity labels documents that contain confidential data.

Options : 

a. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

b. None of these

c. Azure Information Protection

d. DDos protection

Answers : c. Azure Information Protection


Question 20 : cloud computing is a technique that involves compiling of physical resources and displaying them as a _______ resource.

Options : 

a. Virtual

b. cloud

c. real

d. none of the mentioned

Answers : a. Virtual


Question 21 : For the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. otherwise, select No.

“Data that is copied to an Azure Storage account is maintained automatically in at least three copies.”

Options : 

a. Yes

b. No


Answers : a. Yes


Question 22 : What are the primary services available for monitoring the health of your apps and resources?

Options : 

a. Azure Services Health

b. Azure Monitor

c. Both

d. None

Answers : c. Both


Question 23 : which one of the following is related to the services provided by cloud?

Options : 

a. Reliability

b. PaaS

c. Sourcing

d. Ownership

Answers : b. PaaS


Question 24 : Identify the web traffic load balancer that allows you to control traffic to web applications.

Options : 

a. Azure Application Gateway

b. Scale Set

c. Availability Set


Answers : a. Azure Application Gateway


Question 25 : Which concept better defines the ability of a cloud service’s to rapidly expand user accounts?

Options : 

a. Volatility

b. Elasticity

c. Synchronicity

d. Viability

Answers : b. Elasticity


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